ChromeWorld... An Experiment

My Reflection in Chrome

  • Is it possible to use only Google Chrome on my MacBook Air at school for a month? 
  • Will I be able to survive the month using only Chrome Apps and nothing else? 
  • Will I find the equivalent apps on Chrome that I use daily on my Mac?
  • Will I find happiness in my Chrome reflections?

I think it is possible for this MacCentric individual to adapt to a Chrome world, but I want to find the stumbling blocks along the way. I am responsible for our school's BYOD program. It is important for me to discover if parents can save hundreds of dollars each year. For example, the cost difference between a MacBook Air and a good Chromebook can be about $600. I'll set the life-span for a laptop to 3 years, so that would be a savings of $200/yr, or a total savings of $20k for our community with around 100 students in the secondary.

There will be challenges. I use MS Office a lot and I really like using Excel. I do a lot of web development and use Text Wrangler to clean up my scripts. In two weeks, I am part of a three person team giving a presentation in Abu Dhabi. I promised to create at least two video segments and a couple of slide shows. Will this work without iMovie? I use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator at least once a day at work. How will I mark up screen captures without Preview?

More than ever, I would appreciate your comments, guidance, and feedback. I will try to keep a diary of my weekday exploits in a ChromeWorld.

Day 1 will be October 7.

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  1. Good luck on this Bill! We met when you were here in ACS Abu Dhabi. I have always been a big Google/Chrome fan - may not be as fully functional as some of the other solutions out there but streamlined and cheap has its place. I was never in favor of the Mac dictate at ACS, not because of any Mac/PC bias but more because it was the old way. I think that powerful clients and the cloud will change our way of working and especially for students, the low cost/connect anywhere model seems to be the right one. Will be following your blogs with interest.........Geoff Akiki


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